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Wambua F. in Kenya testimony
I am grateful to God that He has used you to speak to my life. When I came to you, I was almost giving up, I had my marriage lost, we could not agree but fight, we could do anything together, basically the devil was robbing me of my everything. I am grateful for when I met you, you were able to look into my life and prophecy with precision of everything that was holding our marriage back and prayed for deliverance with us. I am blessed to say, we are restored and now we are everyday growing in God and seeing our lives coming back together.

I am also happy because you gave a word that I will see the hand of God moving to lift me up where the devil had suppressed me down and yesterday, the 10th of November 2010, I received a promotion letter where I work with a leading bank here in Kenya. I am so grateful to God because I had stayed for sometime now feeling underutilized and even wanted to quit but when I spoke to you and you prophesied to me, I am happy my God has given me a promotion. Thank you so much. You are a true man of God in these times. May God continue to use you to bless others and to help them find the will of God.

Amy J in Austria testimony
Hello pastor praise be to GOD. Thank God for giving me this opportunity to share my testimony with you. Earlier on in the year, I came to you requesting that you pray for me as I was going through a hard time in my life. You prophesied to my life and saw the things that were troubling my heart. You said that you will pray and that God will give me a break through. There were many things that you did speak about and with clarity and precision that left me surprised at how powerfully God was using you. But it is about my pregnancy that was my biggest worry and you prophesied that there was a demonic attack against my pregnancy that sought to have me loose the child.

You said that was the reason why I was having nightmares during the night that were recurring and inflicting fear that was meant to cause me to loose my pregnancy. You told me what to do, which I happily did and from the third trimester I did not have these attacks again. I delivered safely when the time came on the 15.10.2010, a young lovely princess. Am so happy everything went well and the devil as you said has been defeated. I believe God is going to continue preserving me and fulfilling His promises to my life. I live for Him, I will continue to do that for in Him I have seen great victory. Thanks a lot and may GOD use you more and more,to accomplish His mission. Just one request, please pray for my daughter and dedicate her in God's hands. Be blessed.

Nganga R. in Germany testimony
When I came to talk to the man of God through face book a while ago, my life was a mess. Nothing was working. I come from Kenya and I have been in Germany for a while but all that I have experienced in my life since I went there was all trouble. The man who took me there by marriage, left me and with kids to take care of and with no job. I got a chance to work with a nursing home and the authorities here refused to give me papers to stay because they said I had helped to bring my sister here illegally and so they opened a court case for me. That was it. When I met the man of God, he prophesied to my life telling me what he was seeing and how things were going to work out. He also led me to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior which I did from my heart and believed.

He gave me instructions on what to do and said that the authorities here will give me my papers to be able to stay here rightly since now I was a child of God and that all allegations leveled against me were going to be resolved. I accepted the prophecy and to my amazement, today I am here to thank the Lord  because He Has answered after a long wait . Today they gave me my staying permit and the case against me is closed ,am so thankful to you man of GOD. GOD BLESS U and keep you in all things. Truly the God you serve lives forever. May He bless others as He has blessed me.

Elizabeth M. in USA testimony
I thank God for I continue to see His wonderful grace working in my life and all the prophesies spoken forth in my life are really working and coming to pass. I am actually now convinced I live in a different system really. Today I come with a testimony concerning my finances. The prophesies spoken for me about my finances by the man of God are coming to pass and am just amazed by this. A day ago, I was cleaning my house in the morning and I found 2 quarter dollars that were closely together put on top of my T.V. set and I was sure I had not kept them there. I do not have many visitors to my house and even when we have them they do not go around the T.V.  area. I was totally amazed. And just before I could thank God enough for this divine financial blessings. Another one came by.

Last year, I sold a car and the person went with a part of the payment and upto today, he had completely refused to pay and I had even stopped asking for the money. But by the word of prophecy from the man of God, that man called today and said that I will get my cheque on Friday. This is a breakthrough for me and I am totally amazed. Today I met another person who owed me some money and they gave me a cheque for the money. I am certainly happy and giving God all the glory for no one else could have done this for me. All the people I owed have paid me one by one and not because I went asking but because God put it in their hearts as the man of God put it that I will receive my breakthrough and now I have it.

 Praise be to God. I will continue to live for Him for I have come to appreciate He cares and does exceedingly abundantly that we ask for. It is only in Him all things do not matter but Victory. Thank you man of God. May God continue to use you in all things.

Elijah K in Kenya testimony
I am here to testify the miraculous saving of my younger brother from the cult of rastafarianism that almost took away his life. It got worse that he was hopitalised for two weeks,BUT just one forceful invitation to a sunday service by my elder brother, the boy was prayed upon, and thank God right now he is praising Jesus and thanking God for saving his life. May God bless you pastor (barikiwa pasi). For sure let us let God work His way. May you continue with the good work of the Lord, you prophesised about this devine intervention for my brother and finaly it has come to pass and now my brother's life is safe in the Lord, and here I am a witnessing. Praise be to Jesus.

Mills D. in USA: Bahamas testimony
Praise God. I have a testimony. I met the man of God 2 days ago and he prophesied to my life with such an awesome precision that I was suprised at how well he knew me and my life as well as my place and all that I had gone through all my life. I just want to say here that I am certain God lives and He knows everything I am and I have gone through. And so through the man of God, His servant, my faith has been changed. I am renewed. I feel brand new. I am 54 years of age and I was happy to know that God knows about me and above all He cares. This man of God is a blessing to this generation. It does not matter what you are going through, come and meet the man of God and your life shall never be the same again.

When He was prophesying to me, he was able to see the pains I was going through in my body and by a word in Spirit now am healed. For many years my back had been aching, my legs were very bad and given me enough trouble. I had even began to believe it was my portion due to my age. But as the man of God was speaking to me, and telling me that God was touching me, all the pain in my body left me and now I am free and give God all the glory and worship His name. Thank you man of God for letting God to use you to minister to me. I am changed, in my family there is peace now, I am waiting on God for the many other prophecies you gave me. I know it shall be well and I will never be the same again. Hallelujah.

Peter A. in Kenya; Coast testimony
Pastor I have a testimony I must share. After you prophesied to me and looked into my life and said you will tell me the truth as the Lord leads you and it shall set me free, one word you spoke into my life is that from that day I shall walk in divine provision. I have seen it and it is in all things in my life and everything I do. The other day, I was at my lowest like, I needed finances to pay my rent. I didnt know where  to get help from, I was broke and normally this was the case in most of the months. I would go and negotiate with my landlord and tell him that I would be late with my rent. So this time round, I was planning on when to go and see him and explain my woes.

But just when I thought I was not able to find a way out of my problem and I was arguing with my mind of what to do, someone, a friend out of the blues just gave me the exact amount I needed. I was surprised because I did not owe him or even have anything to do with him and his money but just out of the blues he gave the exact amount and said for me to buy anything I did not have.

I had made up my mind on Sunday to send my sister who I stay with to the landlord to go and talk to him that we will be late.  Imagine that very Sunday a friend came in and gave me exactly how much I needed. We did not talk to him about the problem of money we had neither did he know about it. This was totally the hand of God. I still am amazed at the precision of God. I mean the exact amount? The next day, on Monday, my sister went and paid the rent, I just give God all the glory. And I know He will continue to bless me even more and more. Thank you man of God for speaking into my life. May God bless you and increase your tents.
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