Prophet Maxillar Mumo, working in the Super Natural powers of God.

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Janet W. in Kenya testimony
When this lady came to our ministry her life was totally turned upside down. But even more what caught our attention is her faith and hope that she was soon going to be a part of this growing list because she believed God was going to give her a breakthrough in her life. When the man of God looked into her life, and he prophesied to her breaking every evil force that was standing against her life, she was completely restored. Then the man of God told her that her journey had began and she was going to see the hand of God move in her life unto her victory in all things. Today she has come back with her testimony because the prophecies are already taking place; read it below;

I thank God for he has done a miracle for me in my business, on Wednesday this week , my business truck broke down. The starter was spoiled, I did not know what to do because I did not have a single cent in my pocket or anywhere to even go to the place where the track had broken down. But I thank God because I did not even sway in my faith. I remembered the words of the man of God; pastor Max that God was in control in my life and that I was a victor in all things and the fact that he had decreed it. And I had peace, I knew a miracle was on the way. Soon I met a friend of mine who I had not seen for a while and he gave me Kshs. 20,000 just like that. Out of the blues. It was not money I owed him nor was it something I expected but as the man of God said divine provision is working in my life. I was able to buy another starter and I was also able to transfer the goods to another track as I was working on mine. I thank you man of God for ministering to my life. May God bless you and increase you.

Ruth S. in Kenya testimony
Hi prophet. God bless you, I have seen the hand of God because am not going back home empty handed but with money. When I came to you, my business was doing very bad and I was not selling any clothes at all and this was affecting many of my plans and my family as it is one important source of my income. You looked into my life and prophesied to me about many issues that were affecting my life and then you gave me instructions of what to do and you said that once I do these steps carefully, you had send an angel of the Lord to come and help me with my business. Man of God, I have seen from that day my business begin to pick up, everyday I am making a sell even if its just 1 piece I have sold, I am greatfull to God because these clothes were completely not moving at all. Am telling you pastor the truth I now have money to buy my little child milk while initially I used to take milk on credit. Since that friday you prophesied to me, I am blessed n blessed. Glory b 2 God! Thank you prophet.

And from me man of God; I decree more and more progress for her. She will see more traffic to her business and soon her business will be booming and soon she will grow herself out into a bigger business in Jesus name. Just as I have put it here so shall it be to her.
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